This is a continuation of the story Elena at school
Returning home after work Lena discovered that her husband now home earlier than usual. He sat in a chair in front of the TV, with a frown next vidom.A lay videotape. Lena with horror everything inside was broken !!!
When she remembered what she's doing with her two students and is filmed, she became ill .It was flustered unable to look away from the ill-fated cassette. Remembering everything in great detail, Lena excited. Surging wave rolled her throat. She ate able to overcome his agitation, Perevi look at her husband and holding back her voice asked.
- What's this?
- And not you see - he grunted in response. - Video cassette.
- And where did you get it?
- We lay under the threshold.
- And what about her? - Cold with horror Lena asked, in the course of remembering that today was in school, these two sucker fuck her and how she liked it. Vivid memories of a moment captured, and his throat again stepped lump of lust.
- Yes, here I do not know. I am waiting for you to watch together.
You, too, wonder what is it?
Lena nodded in response, but did not utter a word, so as not to give himself with giblets.
Made herself she said - can first go to the kitchen, you're hungry after work? I'll make your favorite dessert.
Lena tried to confuse his head, that is to prepare and serve dinner to figure out how to get rid of this tape.
-Okay, let's go. Lips curled into a smile so-called road mumbled.
Dinner passed surprisingly quickly. Lena nachego not had time to come up. It was not an option.
My husband went to the room, hinting at the fact that she joined him.
- I put the video come soon come.
-The horror, what happens now? What do i do? After all, if this is the tape, which I with these scum, I was gone !!! I thought Lena.
- Well, soon you there? - He called her husband again.
Lena knees buckled. She heard the sounds of the room and they were moaning.
Returning to today's event at the school, she vividly remembered every detail and uttering a groan from the surging waves of pleasure put her hands on the table.
-Well, you coming or not? For a long time I still wait for you?
By surprise, Lena shuddered and excitement evaporated. - And whether that be - I thought with horror Lena and wandered to the sounds were moans.
When she entered the room, a man was sitting in a chair and staring at the screen with wild eyes watched the video. She thought he was going to jump now, pounce on it and start to choke. He glanced meaningfully at her, Lena saw the question in his eyes.
- Lena, what is it? - She took a horrified look on the screen and ...... There was a porn, but starring whores was not it !!!!! There was a different !!!!!!! And tears gushed from the closing face, Lena out of the room and quickly ran to the bathroom closed.
No longer open on all the water holding back tears she sobbed as never before in my life crying. From relief that it was not her, the shame that has experienced at school today, with anger at herself that she liked to fuck like a whore, from not knowing that she is now to do about this ?!
Narevevshis skhochu up, took a shower and went to bed.
With her husband she did not want to fuck so she went and lay down on the couch in the other room.
Only zadremalai, from the clutches of sleep brought her znonok on mobile. The room was neopredilёn. Lena picked up the phone and heard a familiar voice - Elena. Your husband and you like
cassette? Truth gets?
- Why do you need it - Lena asked.
- I open your eyes at you very, but perhaps you did not like to be whores? A? Why are you silent? Like it or not? I know that much.
So now, you will be our classroom
whore! By the way, I showed your video to our children, they like you, they want you otimet all together and by turns. Gotovsya Helen !!!
It will be for you most significant event in your fucking life !!! Tomorrow you priydesh to school dressed as befits such a bitch to dress like you! Understood. And if not, then instead of the slut on the tape, your hubby to see you. Do you understand me?
Lena numb or in a state that either respond.
- I'm asking you, Elena! -
mocking tone asked Sergei.
-Ponyala.- Lena mumbled.
-I can not hear!?
- Yes, I realized - jumping up to scream, Lena said and switched off the phone.
Dream gone forever, until the morning she pondered how she now?
to be continued
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On May escaped to the cottage for a barbecue. I, my wife and our drugan (my fuck with him sometimes together). My wife and I arrived on Thursday evening, and one referring to the case, promised to come on Friday.
My wife and I sat in the evening, drank champagne, I prisunul her, then fell asleep ..
The morning began as usual with suction, then sat down to breakfast and then just call, I look - druzhban calls, he says that already goes. I built a fire, Natasha prepared salads and all sorts of something else from grub. In general, everything was ready.
Two hours later came a friend. He changed clothes and we'd begin to fry a shish kebab. The woman brought the vodka out of the fridge with beer - all as it should be. And yes, she was dressed in my shirt and shorts. The top buttons of his shirt were unbuttoned, and so when she bent down, we could see perfectly her tits. Very quickly we drunk and talk went appropriate ... Well then, my wife puts vodka on the ground, one the whole time staring at her boobs. He immediately asks her to suck I certainly do not mind. She kneels down and begins to process his mouth member. After about five minutes - seven he cums on her face. Cum gets on her hair flowing from his face and chin dripping down. His wife wiped napkins and we got down to alcohol, not forgetting about the snack in the form of kebabs and salads.
At about seven in the evening pretty wife I get drunk. My friend also okaseli. And after the next portion of the alcohol, the wife of another start kissing. His hand unbuttons a couple of buttons on her shirt and he begins to knead tits my wife. Nataha also pulls from his pants half-risen and nachanaet member to masturbate. " Well, fuck it? " - I ask, they just looked at me, but my question is left unanswered. And so it was all clear. I walk over, take out your cock and gets up to give to his wife in the mouth. She instantly swallowed it all and began to suck.
"Come on, waffle, well suck! " - Encouragement of her friend. Although he already knew how to suck (in a good way) my wife. So she sucked me a hand with this wanker Lyokha (one), and he, in turn, squeezed and kneaded her breasts. He then reached into her shorts. I had to stick his dick in his mouth Natashkiny that he could take off her shorts. I took off my shirt it that would be if on it no one came. Natasha undressed, we remove his pants. I lay down on his back, his wife sits by a pussy on my cock and prognushvis takes your ass dick of my friend. We begin simultaneously fuck her, feeling each other through a thin partition. Wife moans. 20 minutes later we put my wife cancer. Now I have it in a lush ass and Lyokha fuck her in the mouth. Soon I finish my wife in the ass. Infusing in it its full charge, I am going away. A seat gets one and puts his red dick wife in a hole. I'm giving her to lick his dick, sozhus near the fire, open a beer and a pleasure to watch Lech fucks my wife. She screams obscenities that -What kind " A blyayayayayaya! Let's fuck, fuck me! " and then I realize that the street is still light, neighbors or prhodil past our house, stopudovo must have heard the cries and moans of his wife! I think, well, dick with him, let him hear. And see us still can not, because On the one hand we hide the garage, on the other trees, raspberry bushes and all sorts, and the third, though there is a house, but there is still no one. I do not even know if there was anybody - never seen.
Well .... one still fucks my wife, only in the asshole. Soon they end up with a shout, Lech poured it all to end. He gives her his cock to lick and then again we are taking for food and a little blurted. My wife slipped on a shirt, not even buttoning her. Naturally, we have members of Lyokha jumped up again. Nataha alternately starts to suck us. We laid her on her back, Lech approaches her, spreads her legs and inserts it. My wife cried, Lech, grabbing her by the breasts are beginning to converge at a rapid pace roughly to fuck my wife. It should be noted, as it liked, he stuck out his cock from her, and then drove back completely. She screamed, moaned, and he, in turn, used to call her mate and a couple of times spat on her eblo. Then he stuck his dick out of her pussy and stuck to a bottle of vodka. For five minutes he fucked her bottle. Wife cum .... I stood and vehemently nadrachival your dick. After that, I put the cancer Lech Natasha and with one blow kerf in her ass. I took the bottle and went up to him and tried to push her wife in pizdu.Poluchilos (neck inside). He himself gave to his wife in the mouth. Friend Nataha roughly fucked in the ass while stuffing a bottle deeper and deeper. My wife just mumbling. And Lech shouting: " Get a whore! " I began to cum in her ass. I'm a little more podolbil her mouth, then she went to her back, stuck out his bottle of pussy and put it into an open point of his wife. I made a few movements of the bottle back and forth and then inserted into her vagina his penis. The wife moaned and screamed again: MORE! YET!. But I felt that it has already started a little tired of this fucked. After about a five-minute swotting Natashkiny pussy, I felt that she starts to cum again. Then I pull the bottle out of her points are discarded her aside and in its place sticks member. Taking his wife's hips, I began to relish dryuchit so loved me Natashkiny ass. Five minutes later, I merge into her ass another portion of semen is the second time that evening. By tradition, I present my dick in her mouth. She licked the remnants of sperm, pobaldela little lie. . and unsteadily directed towards the soul.
We Lyokha extinguished fire, smoked, waited when will the wife and in turn also went with him to the shower. After Yeshe chatted, drank and went to sleep too. My wife is already asleep ... She was completely naked, and she carried on sperm. We Lyokha smiled and lay down next to the nats. I kissed her on the cheek and went to sleep ....

I have a faithful wife Irina. Yes, I always thought to one day.
One day, I spent three months in a distant trip. Spent a fair - not touched a single woman. I came home before yearned for Irina that almost finished off her arms at the airport. Fucked as soon as they entered the apartment. In the morning in a good mood, after vigorously carried out the night, laid out things in the wardrobe. Ira preparing breakfast. Suddenly, from the top shelf at my feet fell mottled box. Rose. It was opened a pack of condoms. Opened, it had only two - one is not enough. I was like a blow on the head with an ax. The light goes dark. My wife and I do not use condoms. Ira to prevent undesirable consequences inserted spiral. Pondering ten minutes. What to do? In the brain spun words: a faithful wife, a faithful wife, a faithful wife. Wait, it's her words: "I'm going to Serge most faithful wife," She said them in our wedding night.
Before the wedding, we were just kissing, hugging, and no more. Ira gently discourage all attempts to put her hand below the waist. She was a virgin. And I had only one girl - have left itself no memory and nothing I have not learned.
In fact, it was my first, and to this day only. I was grateful to her. And always remember the night after the wedding, we were alone in the room. There was a dim - lit lamp only. The silence was to tinnitus. We faced each other, looking into his eyes, not daring to proceed, so long awaited. Taking a deep breath, as if something daring, Ira slowly raised her hands and began to take off the veil. Studs with a slight jingle fell on the carpet. Finally veil, like a large white butterfly, circling slowly, planned on the floor. Without taking his radiant, shining eyes from mine, Ira, and slowly he started the hands behind her back and unzipped the dress. Dress, softly rustling, slipped from her shoulders. Ira little hands helped hold it down on the hips.
And the stream of moonlight and night-light is my young wife only in white satin panties and bra. I was amazed that metamorphosis in her appearance, which took place in these moments. Instead, I used to think drobnenkoy girl with small hands and slender calves, in front of me stood a girl with a pretty lush hips, and a broad chest. Once again, taking a deep breath, Ira undid her bra and holding a cup of her hands timidly took them from her chest. I glared at her broad, slightly slanted chest with small pink nipples. Even in the dim light, tsarivshem in the room, it was clear that the person Irene blazed. She was worried, often breathing deeply - her chest rose and fell. My cock began to fill and rise. In the temples, I often hear a loud knock on my heart. In complete silence, without uttering a single word, Irina slowly began to take off her panties. When opened the sight of her reddish, curly pubes in small ringlets, the heart was ready to break out of my chest. And now, completely naked wife for the first time standing in front of me, pressing her hands to her chest.
- Serge ... As you stand ... Well ... Sergei ... - timidly, intermittently, she said in a dry voice cracking.
Recovering himself, I quickly took off his tie, shirt and pants. Grasp the melting, keeping them down, I looked at Ira. It was interesting to see her face, how she would react when for the first time sees the male member. I was very excited. But she only looked me in the eye, apparently hesitating to look down.
Taking her trembling, hot and sweaty palm led to the bed. Once again, taking a deep breath, finally deciding, back Ira lay on the bed on top of the blankets, closed her eyes and stretched her arms along the body. Whitened under the pale light body seemed marble.
I quietly lay down beside her. Eagerly, for the first time, I looked at every curve of her body. I really wanted to see the crack of her "beauty", but unfortunately, it stocked full hips and rings pubis hair completely hiding it.
Determined, I gently placed his hand on her breast. Ira often began to breathe, as if she did not have enough air. My mouth went dry all. Gently squeezed her breasts, gently stroked her nipples. I like it investigated. I really was a pioneer.
Everything happened in complete silence. My hand slid down, and lay on the soft and silky, pale reddish "moss" pubis. Neither man's hand still did not go to it. Carefully I tried to stick her finger on the inside. Tight hips slightly parted. Finally I saw that he had dreamed in his dreams - the pale, small, slightly wrinkled pink lips "beauty".
Irina also continued to lie still with your eyes closed. Only a faint blush on her cheeks, gave her excitement.
I tried to stick a finger in the crack on "beauty". Inside, it was wet. Suddenly startled, Ira stopped my finger:
- It hurts. ... Try to go myself ... cute. - She could not utter a word members.
My cock was already hornier, trembling with impatience. I carefully lay down on top of her body cool. Legs apart, his wife, trembling, without opening her eyes asked:
- Seryozhenka, enter me ....
I will never forget that feeling, which was transmitted to me on as my cock a little, little vskolznul it. Like I'm all moved to the top of his head. I just physically felt as he slid on the clitoris, first pushing the virgin lips moving inland.
Irina often breathed. It is evident that it is also exciting and it is good. Hands wrapped around my neck. Our lips have merged in a kiss.
Member moved a little, and I clearly felt this rested in something. At this point, Irina flinched a little cry of pain.
- Painfully….
I froze. His head flashed the thought - what to do? I'm confused. He was moved back. But I held her Spouse:
- Gray, wait, do not go .... Carefully, without jerking, try to move forward ... Only slowly ... I beg you ... ... .- .Medlenno last word she said literally the syllables.
By this request, I am all instantly sweating from the tension and fear of his wife to bring the pain, he tried to squeeze member further. But he always rested on the barrier, causing a groan from his wife.
- Honey let me try myself.
Irina put her hands on my back and gently, very slowly, controlling his pain, began to put pressure on him. Suddenly I felt prevented me from inside the barrier were heard in hand. A member squeezes through it inside. Irina just slightly groaned, squeezing his lips. On her forehead came perspiration. I hear the faint:
- Mmm ... mm..mmm ....
Finally, torn virgin slid along the entire member, and he fell on the eggs in the "beauty." Startled, we both stopped. I tried to move it back and forward again, but Irene stopped and asked:
-Sergei, let rest a bit.
In a minute.
- Sergei, what, are you ... ..
I started to drive a member of wife at first slowly, then faster and faster. Please Il bites his lips, but as the acceleration of my movements, her face began to relax. Suddenly, the muscles of her "beauty" squeezed my cock so hard that I felt a little pain.
- Gray stronger, stronger ... .mily ... well ... more
Irina suddenly began to bite me on the shoulder - she came, often kissing me:
- Gray, gray I have never been so good ... not ever ... .mily ... favorite ...
With these words, my cock exploded, shooting at her, all that I have accumulated over the months of friendship and love with her.
It is only one who is fortunate enough to "uncork" the beloved, understand how much pride gave me these words of his wife. In the honeymoon she had an orgasm several times a day. I asked his wife:
- Irishev, you'll always love me?
-Yes, you just gray. I'll be a faithful wife, true to itself ...
... And now I turn my hands a packet of condoms. So faithful wife. Why not? Did I ... he was always faithful to her? How hard it was not at heart, I decided to forget about the discovery - itself partly to blame, did not have to leave his wife for so long one. He returned the pack in place.
... In the evening she disappeared.

It was in summer camp ten years ago. I was only fourteen years old. We were in different detachments with my older sister, but I lived in a room with the guys from the squad sisters. In the evening they met and played cards from time to time they were joined by new faces. Treated roommates me badly. Sleeping me, they kicked the door. I was afraid to complain counselor and soon became just hide under the bed. The card they played at a fairly large sums of money.
One evening, as always guys sat down to play cards. They have already played a few games, when the room suddenly went my sister. I was very surprised that it took my sister in such a company. Guys probably too were surprised. One of them even whistled.
- What brings you to us at this late hour, baby? - Asked the guy who was considered the coolest in the camp. I never knew his name, but he was nicknamed Sid.
- I need money and I'm playing bad cards. - Imperturbably said Dasha, my sister.
- Well ... if you have money, putting them on the table and join. - That said, Michael, one of Sid.
- If I had money, I would not come here. Let so if I lose, the winner will be able to do with me whatever he wants. All night long. - Dasha said it with such indifference, as if she was a whore with the experience. I was never interested in sex life sister, but very fond of watching her when she washed in the shower. She had a pretty face, very beautiful body, summer she always wore short skirts and tight-fitting T-shirts, but she never had a boyfriend. At least, I never in such did not notice it.
- Progress, Dasha. - Said Sid.
- Well then play! - Said another stranger to me man.
They began to play. Somehow, I do not for a moment doubt that Dasha win. Though he did not know the rules of the game that they have played, but I was watching the game. From under the bed I'm perfectly all seen and heard.
I have gradually started to fall asleep, when suddenly I heard to cheers and the sound of raking money. I looked at Dasha. She sat in a stupor, and her eyes were full of horror. The winner was Sid.
- Hey, Sid, you'll have fun here? - Misha asked.
- What do you think, idiot? As you think I'm fucking her in the hallway? - Syd snapped.
- Or putting it in a circle? - Suggested our roommate Ilya.
- Bring down here! This is only my winnings. If you want to share, I call you. - Sid replied.
The boys left the room. Dasha sat motionless, her eyes were filled with tears. I felt sorry for my sister and I did not understand why she got in touch with them. Sid moved closer to her and licked her cheek. Dasha clung to him and sobbed loudly. He looked at her and began stroking her on the head first, gradually moving lower and climbing under her skirt.
- Well, do not cry, - he said gently, - you yourself know what you are going. Or do you think you can beat me? - He laughed, and then he picked up the girl's face and looked into teary eyes of my sister. - Or do you want to fuck you one of us, or you're just an idiot. What the fuck are you crying? Yes, I'm sorry for you, but I still fuck you. If you need the money so I can share with you, but I still fuck you, you know?
For such words addressed to my sister I wanted to move him in the face, but I held back, knowing that he is much stronger than me. I began to see what will happen next.
- Get up! - I ordered her to Syd.
Dasha obediently stood up and looked at him fearfully.
He approached her and began to unbutton one after the other buttons on her blouse. I was struck by the fact that Dasha did not resist. He threw her on the bed opposite the one by which I lay, took her livchik and began eagerly to knead and lick her breasts language. I noticed that Dasha was pierced nipple. Sid is clearly pleased. He paw my sister strongly squeezing her breasts with his hands, seeing that it gives her pain.
- Stop ... please ... - begged Dasha.
- Okay ... and true enough ... Make-me a better blowjob!
Dasha with horror stared at him, sitting down and buttoning her blouse.
- Come on, come on! You would think never sucked dick is not!
My sister sat on her knees between his legs spaced, unzipped his pants, pulled out his penis and began to suck.
A few minutes later Sid grabbed her by the hair and began to have her in the mouth.
Ten minutes later, he released her. She lay on the floor, there were tears and cum on her face.
- Well, you're crying again. You know, I would end up in your mouth, but first I'd like to kiss you. - He stuck his tongue in her mouth. Dasha hugged him and kissed him.
- Okay, enough of the kindergarten. Go to the toilet, bring myself up. Waiting three minutes.
Dasha came. Sid sat on the bed and began to count the money. Soon Dasha returned.
- Undress, - she said dryly Sid, not looking up from his calculations - stripped to the goal.
Dasha shyly began to unbutton her blouse and removed her skirt. I am fascinated watching this. When my sister podnostyu undressed, I felt like my cock out of his pants torn. I wanted to be mad now place Sid.
- Sit down, - Sid motioned her to a chair, standing in the middle of the room - and, by the way, it is better not to resist, so I did. And then I will not hurt you.
Dasha obediently sat down on a chair. Sid came up, gently ran his hand over her body, and began to push her legs. Dasha trembled, her eyes filled with tears again, but she did not resist.
- What are you sweetie ... - Sid began to lick her vagina, sister moaned with pleasure, - Do you like it, huh?
He stopped.
- Okay, that's all then. But first we chat.
He sat down across from her and asked:
- You know, I've realized something. You're a virgin, right?
Dasha began to cry even more and nodded.
- Why you needed money?
- I just did not think that I will lose ... - through the tears start Dasha - and money ... parents never gave me money ...
- I, too, - said Sid understanding - in this I gamble. But to put my body I never had never occurred.
Dsha sobbed even louder.
- Well, hush, do not because of this cry. With all it happens sooner or later. Get up.
Cid quickly undressed and sat on the chair on which sat Dasha. His cock was.
- In short, get on top of the penis. - Sid said.
Dasha sits anxiously beginning at him, then he stopped and cried. Sid put his hands on her hips and pressed down sharply. My sister cried and cried.
- Move your hips, you fool. - Sid said.
Dasha began to move quickly back and forth. Minutes cherz twenty Sid finished.
My sister was lying on the floor, breathing heavily. Her vagina was covered in blood and semen. I incredibly like her at that moment.
- Whore. - Sid said indifferently, dressing, - Come on, get dressed and get out of here. And here's another - he gave her pills - I do not want you to be flown from me.
Dasha got up, got dressed and began to cry again, clinging to Sid.
- Go away. I've told. Whore. - He gave my sister a slap.
Dasha burst into tears and left the room. I fell asleep under the bed. I never told my sister about it.

Once, in his or her mailbox, she found someone else's mail. The letter seems, has seen species, it was no return address, all postmarks, shabby and crumpled, someone even tore it. How it got into the box - it remained a mystery. When I got home and opened it to the first few lines, she realized that the man wrote, he wrote of his love, that lost her, writing was steeped in sadness, melancholy and tenderness. This led her to dive into a distant memory ...
They worked together, often running past his office, she caught on myself interested glances, she would stop to talk to him or even just stand around. The man was handsome, tall, stately, with proud bearing, he seemed fascinated, wanted to forget it your eyes and look, look, look ... They even sometimes talked, his velvet voice, the music, eyes gently and tenderly in any of its movement, even turning their heads felt "breed"... How she wanted to be with him, she wanted him with all your being, when she saw him, or just thinking about it, the pleasant warmth spreads in the abdomen, inside all shuddered, shrank, nipples hardened and she was all like poured desire. "Just one night to spend with him"- Sadly she thought, looking after him. And this night happened ...
Not worth a long story that preceded the night and how they ended up on her doorstep.
So the two of them, flowers, music, candles - everything was just great. He gently helped her undress in his arms carried her into the bath, where the water jets became passionately kissing her ... She was beautiful, her young body was calling and beckoning to him, chest heaving, legs were slightly apart, and it was a pink flower all wet with desire and passion ... gently clinging to his lips, he felt his tart taste, felt a gentle firmness treasured tubercle ... She moaned with pleasure, and his whole body leaned toward him ... he continued to caress and kiss her, his member, crimson from the strain, was ready to burst, but an unknown force of passion she could not get him to come off, he her, she felt that this passion will not end ... She moaned, cried, clung to him until the wave of orgasm washed over her , if the current ran through her, she shivered, cried and suddenly froze, as if afraid that the wave of passion retreat ...
Small and tender kisses, as if through a delight, she began to cover his face, neck, chest, her hands caressed his cock so hot and velvet, it fascinated and attracted to her, barely touching his lips, she again moaned with pleasure, she kissed a member of the very passionate, her hard tongue hugged his head, she slowly and deeply absorbs it into itself, without fear of choking, her throat a little annoying, and it's even more squeezed member, causing the greatest pleasure, she went so fondle him until hot jet sperm gushed into her throat, she paused only for a taste of and experience with particular pleasure ... It was delicious.
He gently knocked her onto her back and entered her easily. ABOUT! Inside, everything is burned, elastic muscles squeezed his cock, she tensed and leaned toward him, they moved along, and every movement was full of passion and desire, his cock was ready in a new burst inside her, shaking every nerve, every cell was tense, another movement, another muscle spasm orgasm and covered them with his head. Startled, they groaned all huddled close to each other, their lips were compressed, they were as one. Passion overwhelmed them, do not let go, making presses more closely with each other ...
Then she obediently lay on his arm, but he continued to caress her gently, almost caressing. They have not been able to sleep that night, in the morning parted slightly tired but happy ...
It is less and less seen him at work, he soon had disappeared, it was said that he received a good offer for the service and could not give it up. Who knows who knows...
She smiled at the memories were pleasant, my heart was calm and happy, and set the envelope aside, she was determined to take it to the post office, let it find its destination.

What do you know about the sand snakes?
Of those that ply the red-hot sea Azarkh desert. Of those that under the pressure of the burning sand loose pieces of rotten flesh and howl like coyotes, glotnuvshie castor oil. Of those that seek out their prey with such excitement, which is not even pripishesh tribal hunter at the time of the Great persecution of.
Sand snakes burning compose legends, because these things are terrible and inviolable. They are black as the mighty negros, immense as the trunks of ancient baobab trees, they do not have skin like a sphinx on cats, their dark blue dickhead resembling the bloody jaws of a predator, poured thick blood. Swollen veins on the gray base of the trunk disgusting bulge outward. That is their view. African boys do not like to walk in the dark on the sand, because sand snake is always somewhere nearby, and sinful in their bowels frozen one single desire - to fuck.
What do you know about the danger?
At any time, crept predator, long a member may encircle the leg and drag you to the bottom of the ocean whose name Azarkh. And then what do you know, of course - you have to drag snakes inner cry will call their friends and they will work together to fuck you is not a painful one hour. You will be painful, very painful. And closely. And stuffy. And hot.
Creatures utaschat you like it drags hundreds of children before, otymeyut as they had, heads will eat your juicy flesh as Little Indians ate lean body. You will wheeze, sneeze sand, vomit gastric juices, but your happiness it is not now, and not even today.
While you will need a small tribe and sensitive negrityatam as "master snake catcher" your existence take on a momentum at least some price. Once you are unnecessary - to say goodbye to life. You do not like the Europeans.
What do you know about yourself?
Only that in the past you an honorary European, driven by North Korean secret services, and in this "master snake catcher" pursued nauseous creatures of the Earth's interior. Caught terrible penisopodobnyh animals - that's your dirty, but partly saving work. For weeks, wandering in the desert, dry night air perfumed with incense and wait for the next thing it puts out on the surface of the head. And if only it puts out - the groin! groin! and end it. When you are not without the help of the buffalo dragged still living thing to the village to start a local entertainment show. Execution.
Kites are usually publicly burn or prick put on a stake, and then give them smelly leftovers to be eaten Ishkamom - deserted pigs with dark-green complexion. Snakes deserve just such a cruel, disgusting penalty.
These things, too, threw half-eaten corpses of children from the depths of the desert, giving the tender flesh of the vultures; so that the tribe was based and avenged through demonstrative punishment. On the one hand you approve of Aboriginal vengeful mood, but on the other ... no, no matter what you had on the other. It is necessary to maintain one cold-blooded view is not at variance with the opinion leader. It is necessary to dig into myself, hiding from his stubborn "I" - run headlong from antiplemennogo and burning as the noonday sun opinions. With the two-faced here not stand on ceremony.
What do you know about the past?
Almost nothing ... Just overpowering silence ... Taste of mercury in the language, peace featureless rocks indifferent lubricate the outlines of their bodies rigid with sea waves. C Salt lip hundred. Corrosive and stench nostrils. Corpses everywhere, dead bodies! Each step is fraught with failure feet in rotten flesh. This is not a hotel - it is a reality made up of broken bones, pain iskoshennyh faces, severed fingers and gore mixed with fresh streams of oil. Rubber boots with mud clinging tufts shaky in contact with the flesh of another accident ...
By shoulder straps and faded faded orders it can be seen that this was once a valiant fallen paratrooper - now it kind of pathetic; empty sockets, pale face became a mask of fear, with wide mouth filled with wet sand, deep cuts stood out through the greenish-gray uniforms and torn treacherous hand bomb. His body is buried in a ceremonial coffin, covered with the national flag. He was thrown there.
Now the body paratrooper smelled oil izlizano sole obgazheno and seagulls. Forgotten samurai new centuries adorned the shore of the eternal abode. The severity of noisy discos, Shvarev palace balls in the English factory. Mountain ohladevshih corpses, spilled tons of chemicals, the sea flattened sand in the brain, and only one protester shout shout ... It's you. The last survivor, but has not lost faith in the hotel.
You wait there, you will love it, but you have to spit in the blind and deaf pain recognition, to put an end to the past. And you, deaf from the explosions of cluster bombs and blinded by bright flashes of rockets, run ... Grey cloudless sky showers have wonderful snow, which remain on the skin painful Yazi. The yard dominates a nuclear winter, and you're trying not to step in the snowdrifts, verdant in the sand, running without looking back. On the coast. From his native Korea. Forever!
What do you know about the leader?
Once every three days you sniffing white powder. Leader calls it Hibomom - Higher food. In Korea, it would be called a drug, but you reject this stupid name. Hibom Hibom so, so food Higher Higher food ... Do you believe the leader, always believed. He is the leader, he is the father. It can not disobey, or death. Yes it is terrible, but it is cruel, but it is especially wise, and his wisdom is a cut above your worthless life. Even if the leader of the tribe call fall into gene sodomy, you stay true and do the first step. But until then, until you just sniff Hibom, look at the setting sun disc pale, thinking over his painfully plight.
Delicate glance caresses, makes shrink inside, nervously shrink from constant breezes cursed "second opinion." Even in the wild Azarkh love lives. Perhaps it is an illusion, but you believe with all my heart that anything human left here. Faith is an important factor, because that's what he pulls out of a deep pit into which you fall deeper and deeper. No faith - there are no incentives. No incentives - there are no forces. No power - it makes no sense to existence. The "great minds" of Korea also had no faith, and what happened as a result? Nuclear winter. No more of Korea, no more Asia - half of the continent is now like a huge tomb. Way back permanently closed, and ahead of only the dry winds of Africa.
Once inhaled lethal dose Hiboma, you talked to them. Winds only three: Iksham junior, middle and senior Tasskat Azarkh. All the trio appeared before you in the form of a bearded old men in cassocks. They also uncovered all the cards you politicians Korea and all the tricks of your hard leader. It should be noted policies were somewhat similar to those of the leader. Same father, same communist system, the same tyranny. And Tasskat predicted you the future of the planet; it is terrible and haphazard, perhaps, so much so that during the last war in the comparison only trifling "razogrevkoy" seem to them. It's like a nuclear winter after infidelity or inhuman cruelty after a tender glance ...
... A breath of evening coolness. In this short transition time you are sitting on a large yellow stone and silently look into the distance. Who is the best moment - the transition from the unbearable heat of the day to the unbearable cold of the night.
Near you shapely young black woman. She respects you, you are her hero.
- Is it true that the world has lost two parallel moons ago? - She asked, smiling sadly.
you nod
- You probably bad ... - sighed the girl. - They're pursuing you, right?
- So, - you reply, without turning around. - The faster the start, the finish faster. Undress until cold.
- So the truth is that you have to take me?
You turn and nod again.
- It is inevitable. Have to.
Worn cloth covering the crotch, flies, and before you strip Negro your dry and yellowed over the years ... in the desert member. Couple relaxed hand twitches make it nalitsya blood and get a long spear. Such a long few who will find - 19 centimeters after all.
The girl, meanwhile, did not want to undress, still harboring hopes stupid.
- Maybe you can catch the snake without it? We can do a light excitation, or ... maybe there is another way?
- What? - Asks you. - Offer.
Black woman shrugged.
- I do not know ... you are in these matters to think better. There must be a way out!
- But in this case there is no escape - dry answer you, and, approaching the girl back to back, front to bring down its still warm from the cool of the evening the sand, and then begin to pluck casually dressed her rags.
Jerk and gepardovaya skin, playing the role of the bra, flies off to the side, revealing a view of the Black okruglenkie chest. Jerk and dressing of buffalo wool slipping to his knees. Before you appear strong niggers and buttocks protruding slightly below half parted vagina.
- Wait, wait! Do not! - Girl shouts.
Not paying attention to her cries, you are confident to push the kicking leg and start to enter her bosom strained. Dark labia apart under the pressure of a member, like a beautiful lotus bud. She moans, cries, resists, but your penis is inexorable. He then goes into the tough, then abruptly pulled out. Hymen easily torn, and the pace is gradually picking up.
Negress loses strength to resist, and you as the last son of a bitch to fuck her continue without interruption. Sweat trickles flows over your gross body, bitterly tingling old wounds.
Girl shaking in convulsions, legs parted wider, from wide open mouth sprays saliva - it is almost in agony.
- So a baby - you say smiling. - Hold on a little longer.
Firmly grasping the girl's shoulders, it raises you and push force, squeezing his back in the sand. Buttocks apart, and her ass is in contact with the sandy sea. Acute annoying grains of sand rub its blood. Snakes are still there, so you start to worry in earnest. It's time to start the "b" of the plan - to fuck her in the ass, and let that contradicts some tribal laws.
Shurudyat your hands, frantically slide on the body by rubbing fresh then. Soon, your right hand, shiny moisture penetrates into the "sand" Negro ass and starts rubbing his hateful "lubricant" for further penetration easier. She was crying, her body covered with small ants, adhering grains of sand lips tremble. She does not want to have it in the ass, but you understand its responsibility to the Aboriginal people, and by bending the girl with cancer, immediately get down to business.
Sweaty penis rubbed grain, enters slowly bloody girl's ass. Both of you shout from sagging consuming pain. Thin flesh on your bridle broken, poured tickling prick red streams. To push through the rectum member oblipaet blood, though in the lubricant and begins to go even deeper, more intense. Thick blood is torn her ass and your injured penis merge and scarlet droplets fall to the sand. You pant and fuck black woman as possible tougher and harder.
You can hear the long-awaited howl. The nearby dune dust scatters in the desert, and from the depths of a huge head protrudes hardened member. The nostrils has a familiar smell of rotten flesh you something like the smell of rotten eggs. At this point you draw out your genital organ, smelling no better than snake head, ass girls and start masturbating. sticky semen flows poured on the girl's body trembling, stained in gore. Her swarthy once virgin slits now forever lost innocence.
She pukes. It fulfilled its honorable mission.
You smile, and seizing was lying near the place of copulation sword, rushes to the snake. Sabre head cuts by half, entering into enemy salvo at most handle. By the sky soars immense pillar of blood. The creature was old, so everything is easier than you thought. The leader will be pleased with his mission accomplished. From the sky pours bloody rain.
A sigh of relief, you fall down exhausted near the raped girl. Now all behind. On your tombstone solemnly write:
"He was devoted to the Old World!"
"She saluted for the Old World!"
Are you happy with it. This is your most cherished dream, the answer to the call of the homeland ...
... Windy dreams sleepy consciousness breaks the roar. On the distant horizon of the red line tuhnuschego appear barely visible among the dark shadows of the dunes. With every second of them more and more. It's going Asians tanks. Tanks native of North Korea. It's boundless honor - to know that the soldiers will soon find two naked corpse, not even three! Yet there will be a bloody head of a snake, chipped in half and a lot of fear frozen in time. Soldiers povyskakivali of its iron Mahin, desert smashed cutting ears creak, and in their heads harden one thought:
Fucking, fucking, fucking !!! ..
But do not look at this call of the light. He is not here. In the desert Azarkh always dark; you wonder year after year, looking for heat tracing rays in the cold desert vacuum and nothing ran guns to the song of the deadly snow ... Yeah, you killed the last snake of the desert, but understand their spirit can not be killed.
For in the desert there is no light.
For in the wilderness is not a tribe.
There is only a snake and the military.
And yet - the cherished program Hiboma.
Jonathan Davis.

The plane, which I flew, was in the air for nearly three hours. Overboard was late at night, the light in the cabin is almost not observed, and all slept in the cabin. I could not sleep, watching the pretty young stewardess held between the rows of seats.
Noticing that I was awake, she came to me and bent down and whispered to me if I want anything. Cut out of her blouse appeared exactly about my eyes, and I caught a glimpse of the beautiful chest lace bra hide behind. Not knowing what came over me, I suddenly expressed a desire to possess her, and my hand is already being groped under her skirt.
She did not jerk, do not run away, and as if stuck in one place. Emboldened, I put his hand even deeper, and pushed the fabric of panties, ran his finger down her cunt. I lifted her foot, approached and licked her smelling shampoo cave. My tongue has earned for me in the usual rhythm; stewardess broke from his chest a muffled groan. Corner of my eye I noticed that my neighbor, a nice little girl opened her eyes, but she did not resent the whole area, and silently bent down to us, and we became a couple lick pussy juices expiring stewardess. Hope (the name of a flight attendant) with emotion clasped hands backrest, continuing to issue muffled groans, not to wake the passengers around us.
My tongue is in full flight attendants walked through the pussy, sometimes meeting with the language of the neighbor, my hands gently squeezed her buttocks, and at some point I pulled the air the fabric of her panties. There was a crack, and what was left of them - migrated into the pocket of my jacket. At this point, Nadia started to beat shiver, her body stiffened and then went limp, showering us with love juices neighbor, but we did not stop, continuing to lick all the moisture from the pussy and thighs stewardess.
Nadia began slowly come to life, but it seemed to me, her excitement only increased further. Kneeling down, she undid my pants, removing the light of my sticking fighter, which had already gently walked arm of my neighbor. My own arm, as opposed to it, has long been the girl under her skirt, gently pulling her labia, and sometimes sinking into the wet juices from the hole. Nadia pounced on my cock like a hungry tiger meat, but without the uterine roar. A neighbor also awakened the same desire, and I felt her tongue gently caressed my balls.
Having a couple of movements of the mouth, Nadia lost to a fighter of my neighbor, and she reached his lips where my finger was working with might and main. Stewardess, with all the inherent tenderness of the girls began to lick pussy Oli (the name of my neighbor), and that, in turn, continued to play with my boyfriend. I saw Olga faced a wave of orgasm, and she began to work more fiercely his plump lips. Such pressure, I could not help, and her cute little mouth began to fill with sperm. Nadia noticed it, and leaving alone the pussy Oli hurried exactly to hand. Olya freed from the captivity of my cock his mouth, and the remnants of sperm hit in the face Nadi, on the road a little sullying its brand blouse. Nagy finished her leftovers, stepped back, and began to greedily lick cum stained face Oli, and after a couple of seconds, the girls have merged in a passionate kiss. Watching them, I held out my hand and my fingers comfortably in wet holes of both girls.
After a few moments, my fighter again rushed into battle. Picking up a flight attendant by the waist, I planted it on his Cook at the same time, I felt like a naughty tongue neighbor girl took up playing with my testicles. In a fit of passion I unfastened bra Nadi, freeing her gorgeous, firmer breasts, and the hour is my tongue clung to her, sticking out from the excitement, the nipples. Olga looked up from playing with my boyfriend, got up and dug his lips on the lips stewardess, why she became a furious pace to sit down on my rod. Nadia's hand was operating in full swing pussy Oli, feeling through the wall of the cave my finger, which is nestled in a small hole of her ass. Once again, Olga faced a wave of orgasm. Nadia leaned closer to me and whispered, expressed a desire to engage in anal sex. I am a flight attendant turned his back, and in her face was wet pussy my neighbor. Without hesitation, Nadi tab rushed in that direction, I dipped a couple of times in his fighter cave Nadi, began carefully inserting it into her ass. Because breast stewardess broke languid moan, but Olga, quickly realizing what it was, even more pressed to his head Nadi excited pussy. Nadia was so absorbed pussy Oli, that almost did not feel the pain, and I was there in its entirety. Despite the best efforts of her neighbor, Nadia quietly moaning with pleasure.
I had noticed how Olya again shook with orgasm, ending in the substituted mouth Nadi. From this, I wound up even more, and barely suppressing growl, stiff volley discharged in the ass flight attendant. From all this, Nadia shook the strongest orgasm, which she had not experienced in his entire short life. After a few minutes, a little calmer, the girl got up and walked to the bathroom, brush up. I also tried to give myself Bole - less divine form, and somehow disguise torn pants trousers.
When we flew, I have often encountered view of blushing with embarrassment pretty face of our flight attendants. I have no idea how things developed their lives, since we never saw each other, and all that to me now recalls that flight, this little white cloth pants very cute flight attendant in the world.

The other day, recalling his past sexual exploits, involuntarily wondered who they were, the best of those girls that like always, everywhere, which just forget about the time, it was so well with them to make love. The undoubted leader, as it turned out a brief analysis of our meetings with her, was Elka. She was not beautiful, she did not have superfiguroy, and yet, with it we are so lit that even now at the memory of our intimate meetings I sweetly aches somewhere ... well, you know where.
We met, as usual, quite by accident, in an environment of more than banal. Many years ago in the garage of a friend of mine took place on the occasion of ... booze. I do not remember, to be honest, for what reason, but that is not important now. It was important that that March is quite a cool day, we, that is I, Serge - the owner of the garage, and Andrew, my old friend from the school with relative comfort, is located in the standard major garage with vodka, a nice appetizer and two girls-girl-friends. Girls were not bad themselves, looseness in communication, aided by vodka and a warm friendly atmosphere uncomplicated garage feast. By the way, I'm not drinking that day, I remember, I still have the evening to be held some urgent business, also had to be "at the wheel", therefore I only had to look on with envy buzzing group of my friends and the latter-day friends. - Nothing, then make up - I did not despair, and, as it turned out, he was right.
In general partying took quite decently, without unnecessary bazaars, fights, in short, is quite intelligent and fun. Willy-nilly, I kept an eye on the two girlfriends, one of whom was called Julia, second - Elk, so she introduced herself. Both were wow, it is even suitable for further layouts like "chewing gum-friendship-love and all that." Julia - a natural blonde, short, hard to figure 4, however a few prunes, with gonorkom, but, in general, a normal girl. Elka - it was just a song. Natural (!) Blonde, shapely, though not Thumbelina, a girl's body, krupnovat, but without the fat. Breast upright, no bra is not necessary. In general - a feast for the eyes, and not a woman. In the past, MMR in swimming, Elka somehow managed to maintain quite a decent figure, and most importantly, to get dressed so that emphasize all its advantages. Not everyone is given such as she could. Well yes. Well, as they say, close to the body and everything else. Yulechka very quickly carried away by Sergei, and drive up to Elke became Andrei, because knew that, like, now out of work, or rather I was doing, and on the other, not the female, the type of business and all that. Therefore, he did not even put me (that's a scoundrel, and yet each is called!) In popularity it became so famously Elke process, boosting the process. But that evening he and my plans for the evening was destined to change, only Serega Julia things went as they expected.
The fact is that sometimes aggravate Andrew allowed himself too much, causing subsequently became boesposoben. Well, it happened to him sometimes here such punctures overdo it with alcohol - all with the girls talk is not destiny. So it was this time. All kind of evolved as it should, they seemed to agree with Elke rest of the evening to spend together, as Andrew's immediately picked up and broke at once. We with Sergey somehow pushed it into a wheelbarrow, said address where to deliver the body, which, thank God, to show signs of life, and a bad lover sailed home. We stayed three. Fortunately, at the time I lived alone in a Moscow apartment, the relatives had not yet arrived from the North, so that problems with the flat I did not have that, of course, spodviglo already ready for adventure Elke go with me. We skorenko said goodbye to Julia and Sergey, promising to meet again together, got into my car (VAZ-2105, tuning a la rally, gadgets, wheels, tires, in a word, all the cases, that is, at the time, it's like this cool foreign car) and moved towards me. On the way we stopped at one of the points of my acquaintance, a good zatarilis province, took a bottle of Armenian cognac, good snacks, fruit and went on our way. Already on the road began to gently Elka cuddle me, then climbed to kiss, cuddle. However, we arrived without incident, safe and sound, ready-to-night libations and love battles.
Even the elevator is raised to me, we eagerly dug into each other's lips, as if before a long parting. The desire of both, it seemed to me, was one thing more to get into the apartment and pounce on each other to satisfy a hungry instinct of two young individuals, of which a fountain struggled sexual energy, looking for a splash and was ready is about to break our sinful body to myriads of molecules. Thank God -doehali! Quickly opening the door, I just shoved Elk at the door, almost knocking her into the hallway. She, in turn, came to herself, and whispered: "Oh, no, not now, wait. What we like animals, let's still a little tense, but then ... "-. It is so sweet sighed and stretched, and I agreed, although I was honestly not easy, my unit was already up on the combat platoon and requests into battle , there, in the thick.
In general, we have come a little bit, and a stay in the kitchen sat sipping brandy and wine each, eating the whole thing different fruits and delicacies, inaccessible to mere mortals in the USSR, but as they say "we did ...". Frankly to say, I had to catch up with Elke for the state, because there, in the garage of a friend, I did not drink, and now I carefully brought himself in the right physical condition, of course, observing extreme caution in normogradusah. Still, it would be a shame to remove such virgins, to bring her to him. In all cases, with a table and ... uzhratsya blankly, unable to climb on it. But, the experience was, and considerable, therefore, in principle, I am not afraid for myself. And, here Elke already had to slow down as a living corpse in the bed I too would have been uninteresting. I entertained her as best he could, joking, telling something about her such a difficult and confusing life. Especially I do not embellish, and the process did not force himself. I was sure that everything will happen in a natural way, what's on, and I was right. About an hour and a half Elka she offered to finish our meal and a drink and go to the convergence of the sexes. Of course, I did not mind and went to prepare the ground for our love of merrymaking, and she went to the bathroom. Twenty minutes later, all was prepared, I went to smoke in the kitchen, giving Elke sneak into the bedroom. Smoke, I, too, took a shower and ... longingly pausing from upcoming fun, burning with impatience, and upsetting yourself so as not to go on the run, he went into the bedroom.
Remember the movie "Crew", a frame in which the protagonist seduces stewardess obstanovochka, sex, nylon, polyester, remember? All this garbage, in comparison to my bedroom, just telling you. Maroon Wall (imported wallpaper, super, with a twinkle), audio muted exudes gentle sexy melody, which is located towards convergence floors, muted dim light cleverly integrated night light - no beauty could not resist in front of such a situation. Elka was no exception. She had settled down on the bed, playfully lounging on the Tiger blanket. She was wearing white lace panties with frills and a lacy white bra, hiding the magnificent form. - Well, that prankster - coyly, with a clear voice promyaukala tunes in it - will make the miracle of miracles, eh? I knew instantly it became immediately play along. - And then. The exchange of hormones at the highest level, in the best tradition, - said in response, and I demonstratively took off his boxers in peas (and that is very hygienic!), Became like a wild cat chosen for mining. - Come to me, my cat - Elka played along. And so I close with her, I - naked, my machine is not just directed upward, he is ready to compete with the most advanced ballistic missile .... Elka getting on even closer and I begin to undress her. Carefully undo her bra and artistically rented it, then I start pulling off her panties. It helps, feels that it, too, can not wait to merge with me in unison. Now, now, still a moment and we will, as a whole, and one body, trembling with passion. - Oh, I can not, I think I have already begun to flow, - languorously utters Elka. - Now, my little, be patient, do you want it? - Yes, yes, I want to, oh, I can not come on, take me soon, just gently and passionately, I want to. I caress her breasts, they have it just wonderful, so beautiful, that they ask themselves into the hands, caressing, kissing tender swollen pink nipples. However, to be a difficult task - to initiate and develop the process of "gently and passionately," it's like? I am, frankly, tempted to just pounce on her and invading her cherished grotto of love, achieved batter to exhaustion until the hot jet of life-giving water will not hit its most hidden corners, pulling out of the power shower. However, we experienced lovers, in this case a bit better to hold back the pressure, then to experience an even greater thrill.
Slowly and surely, I'm starting to love merrymaking, finger caress her mohnatku, penetrate deeper caress her sweet pink clit. Then, slowly I'm starting to get into Elke, my huge bolt as if reluctantly included in its folds, more effort, Elka emits a loud "Oh!" And my machine is already inside. We start the process.
- Oh, Mom, Mom - continues to groan and exclaim Elka. I'm just about at the top of bliss, stretching pleasure and delaying the final moment farther and farther. Long time I did not feel anything like a buzz, well, just a plague, I, frankly, did not expect. I was very pleased to fuck Elke, and she, too, can be seen, the process fun. For forty minutes had passed, I worked diligently to satisfy herself and her, in fact, we were both almost on top of bliss and was already mentally prepared for the time we ran out. And with what did not even have any doubt, so it was naturally and smoothly. In the language of technocracy, we have been working as a single, well-regulated mechanism. My piston is moved to a secret space Elkin back and forth aggressively and persistently delivering it and I enjoy. We were really happily, joyfully on what we - young and beautiful, so we can give to each other with ease, enjoying every second of the game of love. Elechka, in turn, carefully podmahivala, accurately hitting the beat of our sexual symphony, accompanying it with his sighs, oohs ahami and shouting from time to time something that I was led to an even more exciting, we can say, delighted. If there is happiness in the world - it was exactly it, I say, not palter.
We continued to desperately love each other and now nearing the time when our love game should end in a powerful release of vital moisture, and we felt that, in anticipation of a state of nirvana, which comes immediately after the final chord. - Oh, Elechka, I can not, now I finish ..mozhno to you? - Of course, dear, me, me, all over me, I want - she moaned. And now I feel like my toiled mightily member starts spewing sperm gekalitry filling all the space in Elkin vagina. Bracer so much that it flows outwards, just a flood. I do not feel where I am? Who am I? Passage full, even if there is a buzz, then this is it. Elka just lying on his back, wide apart and shamelessly gorgeous legs. It can be seen from both the hairy cave follows a snow-white jet of sperm. She does not respond, it is - in nirvana.
For an eternity, it seems to us, then we will again cling to each other, we want to close again. But, my little friend is not ready yet and Elka begins operation of its revival. She gently takes it into his mouth and starts to suck, even a little bit biting, but do not hurt, but nice. And so happy that I just begin to howl from the buzz. My friend starts to grow in size, I feel as Elka is already beginning to almost choke. Member of the giant size does not fit in her mouth, she could not swallow it whole, and therefore continues to caress only one head. She licks it, sucks, kisses, caresses some circular movements. I've just can not, almost by force take out of his mouth apparatus Elqui, instantly turn her into his ass and thrust her back in a big way. "Ah-ah-aa!" - Sounds almost animal scream. Elka all bends like string bow tie. She is pleasant, it is noticeable, although it hurt a little, so I abruptly entered her. I do, however, is gaining momentum. Grasping Elechka behind and holding it with both hands lush ass, I diligently thrust her move, without a break, speeding up the pace, as if trying to a victorious finish. So it is at this time, the session will be short, so to speak, in express mode. I just have tired and I want to finish soon and relax. I think that Elka is also thinking about as she actively podmahivaet, moving to the beat of booty movements of my body, moaning, groaning and moaning. Again, we work as a single machine, smoothly, synchronously. Finally, comes the peak of bliss, and here I am, showing remarkable strength of will, take out his pestle, turning simultaneously Elke to yourself, invest her dick in your mouth and finish. Tight jet of snow-white sperm hits her throat, splashing her face, she takes his hand and starts to suck, sucking out every last drop of precious water. I have no strength, I - in prostration and falls somewhere in the bottomless pit, fell asleep right on Elke.
(To be continued).

I came by accident, as it turned out in this hospital. My therapist, forced to remove her bra and blouse, listened, and concluded:" You need immediate hospitalization" I looked puzzled at his smirk and agreed.
I was in the room alone. It was a little uncomfortable, there was not even in the office. No changing clothes, I decided to go in the shower and at the same time look for a nurse. But there was no one-floor, and I decided to walk to the shower, which was at the end of the corridor. Suddenly, at the other end of the corridor door opened and entered four guys. They were coming, and I wondered that nowhere to retreat. They came and surrounded me.
- What's new? and how long?
- And what a delicious!
- Did you know that one will not be here until tomorrow, baby?
- Do you like to swim? can help you?
At first I though fettered by fear, but then I came around and jerked forward. But one big man shut me pass, and the second arm twisted painfully. I screamed, but then received a slap in the face.
- Will you rock the boat, it will be worse! but you still no one hears! -uhmylnulsya one. He wrapped my long hair on the arm and pulled him along.
They threw me on the bed, one sat on my chest and pressed his hands with his feet. Under his weight I could even cry on. He unleashed his huge penis and began to masturbate in front of my face.
- Well, bitch, fun?
Suddenly I felt as I began to pull tights. I tried to break free, but sitting on me heavily hit in the face and snarled: "I told you, you will fight, I will smite all the teeth, slut".
Rough hands pulled her skirt and tried to remove her panties, but they did not respond. Then the man with the power pulled them, I howled in pain, my pussy as if burned. Someone's fingers unceremoniously rushed inside and began to walk back and forth without stopping. Two other guys began to squeeze and squeeze my breasts. I jerked his might and cried, but then he squeezed my throat a strong hand, and the other held her nose. I gasped, opened her mouth to breathe, and felt a huge dick squeezed into it.
- Will you bite-will beat! -garknul Thug's ear. He turned my head to her, grabbed her and began to stick his huge Pennys. I gasped and choked, but he paid no attention, but laughed:"We will cure you, slut, will teach you to love life! Stick her hand deeper, she probably likes this"
Three fingers in my pussy began to move faster, then four ... when the whole arm went, I moaned in pain. My tight vagina resisted, but the hand is pushed farther and suddenly jerked out of me, as a member of the mouth continued to hammer away, reaching the glands.
- Come perevernёm it, I want to fuck this baby. She is so closely inside!
I gasped, but I was not given time to recover. I was made to kneel, someone behind wrung his hands, bent cancer and unceremoniously walked into my hole over the huge cock on the eggs.
- What do you like it? 'Asked he, looking as I wriggle all over with pain and surprise. My breasts shook his rhythmic strokes, I could feel his hot, throbbing flesh, filling all the space inside. Someone member immediately appeared in my throat, chest unceremoniously squeezed.
They changed a few times, one pulled me from behind until he cums on her back, the other fucked me in the mouth, and two more squeezed my tits and masturbate. I already dizzy in the eyes, but the latter could not finish.
- And you prisun her back, ass, and it is something bored!
- No! I weakly, _not_ need to scream, please, it hurts ...
- What? You -peresprosil odin.-something vyaknula? Yes, you know what you get for this, bitch?
He raised me and planted on his stick. Forces to fight was gone.
- Now poke it someone in the second hole. Let the damn zabem to failure!
I felt like a second penis erupts in my anus, but there are too tight.
- Do not clench your ass, relax! Shouted rapist pulled my hair and pierced the ass. Terrible pain engulfed the whole body, I screamed hoarsely, but the third, got up on the bed, again I took my mouth swollen appendage. I felt like two members of go inside of me and rub through a thin wall. They are speeding up the pace, and I was breathless jerks in my mouth. I do not know how, but they finished at the same time. I was filled with sperm, I choked it, I felt like it flowed out of my cunt and ass. They satisfied buttoned pants. One leaned over me, pulled her by the hair and said:" We still have a look tomorrow evening. Say someone kill. But who will listen to you, whore." He grinned and disappeared with the rest of ...
To be continued

TARGETED camera video IV
My love waking up like something got to the bathroom for a long time and was washed with dried semen and that the liquid that flowed from her popochki after she pulled the plug.
Coming out of the bath in the apartment has no one had, just a bunch of empty bottles, dirty dishes and covered the whole room from floor to ceiling stained semen. She has long washed and cleaned the apartment, so no trace is left for my arrival.
I waited until she will wash the last spot on the sperm and turning off all cameras went home. Along the way, I called someone and said that he was preparing for the next weekend for my arrival with his wife to his dacha.
I'm certainly not an avenger, but knowing that his wife fuck like the last whore, I wanted her to participate in orgies. And so I asked friends to help me in that what they gladly agreed, and said that I will make a surprise.
Entering the apartment's wife as if nothing had happened cooked lunch and smiling sweetly told how she missed without me. I asked her to go to the next weekend with me to the cottage to friends, where we both find something to do for their own interests.
Weekdays days passed like minutes and we eat here on vacation to the country. We arrived and quickly went out of the car I saw on the number of machines how many people are staying and waiting for our arrival, or rather the arrival of my wife.
Going into the house, my wife sat down modestly on the edge of the sofa and offered to sit down beside him. But I waved and walked over to the table. He poured his wife a martini and tequila itself. Wife almost emptied the glass in one gulp, and I have already poured her a second to the brim, and he drank three glasses sat on the chair in front of his wife. While she was drinking a second glass house includes five burly men. I had not seen them among his friends. One is freed from the martini glass wife nachel pour vodka, and the second martini. They were standing so that his wife could not see what they are it is poured into the glass and, therefore, took the glass and proposed a toast to visit it with a flourish all drank to the bottom. When she put the glass down on the table in her eyes, I realized that she was almost ready to do anything. And so as not to embarrass her, I went to the street to the other, and the pitching and my wife stayed at home to continue dating. Approaching friends, I saw that on the table except for food and drink are three laptops with large screens, and that is the room where he had left his wife.
To my surprise there was no limit, because I'm 30 seconds ago I left his wife, and she was standing on all fours on a small table completely naked sucking two, and the third fucks her in the ass. Two are on either side and mauled her breasts and stroked his back. The picture was clear and on three sides so that all the details were visible.
I have not watched a lot like my wife fuck and then joined the kid absorb kebabs and tequila. It took about two or three hours during which time all the boys except me went in turn to my wife and all the time in front of me were these laptops I occasionally watched her fuck there. When the latter came back from her, I went to her. The picture opens in front of me is beautiful.
My wife was lying on the table by a pussy to me. Of the two holes oozing sperm, her whole body was covered with sperm, and the person so generally covered with a thick layer of semen. She heard that someone opened up to her mouth waiting a member, but without waiting for the raised legs and spread them. I took two thick 9cm x-dipole and forcefully thrust into her two holes. She cried out in surprise and jerked, but vibrators entered without difficulty. Twisting them is not much, I have included them on full power and left. So she lay for about 10 minutes and when I realized that any more who do not, pulled vibrators and went into the shower. After 10 minutes, she pretended that he had just woken up came up to us. Pretending that good night's sleep, and many of those present did not know began to get acquainted. Until she meets she emptied two bottles of champagne and have something like standing on your feet. On the drunken head she stopped me and began to notice all stick. I pull out the terms and Drach them, but it was terminated because everything is already satisfied, and their members were not yet ready to continue.
But I was like a stake cast iron. I walked up behind her and put her on all fours, I stabbed her in the pussy my hot cock. but strangely it was a narrow pussy and my cock tightly into her while she was flowed with excitement. I fucked her pussy is not long since I knew that her ass hole is a varnish. After the next push I abruptly pulled the cock out of her and just cutting it put in her ass. Wife almost jumped from it, but I and two others held her tight so that my dick on the eggs went into her ass. I immediately began to sharp movements peck her ass on which she first cried out in pain, and then when the pain subsided, and apparently in return came bliss she began to breathe heavily and catching her ass my cock so that he became as much deeper. At the same time she tried three or five cum in her mouth, but all in vain. She took their members on the eggs, Dolby his mouth by them as a striker, eggs lick them, wanker hands, but it does not help them. Their tanks were empty. Liberally cum in her ass, I went up to her mouth, and only then she realized that I was fucking her, her husband.
Taking her by the hair, I planted it on his penis head is pushed as the number of offenders on the ass, and immediately began to peck her mouth. Something like finishing the second time she got out my cock from the sperm and egg from my sweat. I stood up and that does not mention went to Tolu. Wife of fatigue just lay her ass to the top, where I fucked her and fell asleep.
The weather was perfect and we did not go so well at home. Someone slept on the grass, someone drank vodka and tequila and ate barbecue, and I get drunk drunk and bathed in the lake around the corner from my little wife.
While I was swimming remembered that the owner has five cottages cables dogs. I approached him and offered him elbowed him to his dog fuck my wife. He heard the proposal fell swoop recovered and quickly left for the dogs.
My wife and slept all sensible ass to the top. Dogs were impressive and probably more than once fucked women human. They immediately ran to her ass and started to sniff it. I noticed some devices around their members, the owner said it was that their members do not get stuck in it. And one has stood as a club member jumped on the wife and deftly wielding his cock stabbed his wife. The wife of a dream mumbled something, but the dog is not paying attention to is the beginning of their work. And when the pace accelerated to chapel wife began to pant and groan with pleasure that gives her dog. Dog quickly finished it and when he finished the wife woke up completely and turned his head to see who so quickly beating her and ended so quickly that she had no time to even warm up. But when the jaws of the dog saw her eyes wide as an owl, and screamed like a stuck pig.
What does the dog jumped from her and looked at her. But then the owner came up to her and reassured her, saying that it was her dog and she loved them the same. My wife calmed down and accepted a position posture knots start to wait for the second stud. She did not have to wait long. The next was even more bright, it is not having to jump on his cock she was already in her. Wife ends with the take off and her orgasm was much stronger than us. She dug her fingers every time the ground and tearing the grass. And when the latter plays the tears from her under her left and a blade of grass and the ground was plowed.
Then we spoofing her in a lake without peredyhu fucks her in every hole. There were about thirty men and, therefore, in the main it finishing at three. I was then counted in her mouth almost immediately ended their ten-fold. She had time to lick one member as she popped the next, but this time her ass hollowed turns remaining the same as the one just to finish there and then popped next.
Output went perfectly. We stayed there for three days and all this time my wife fucked like a whore in all the cracks. After this weekend, we wanted to get a divorce, but I thought ... so decided to leave everything. But only now we always invite a bunch of weekend guests or do we go for a visit.
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